Erin Lau wins top honors for her film

Former BCA Vice Chair Erin Lau won top honors at the 2012  Shanghai International Film Festival for the Best Documentary in the Sino-U.S. Student Shorts Program.  Her film “Ka Pua”  glances into the life of Elizabeth as her beauty is reflected through her sense of family and aloha.

Kudos to Erin from the Board!


Why the Working Group recommended one student media board

  • It will be better equipped to address technological innovation and integrative media in order to reflect a more “real-world” marketplace and learning environment for students
  •  It will be able to serve and promote shared goals among the programs by facilitating interaction and collaboration between the programs
  •  It will allow for greater sharing and leveraging of resources, including overall program finances, facilities, staff, and other human resources
  •  It will provide net benefits to the UHM campus by providing students increased learning opportunities and various experiences that will translate into greater benefits for the external community through the increased strength of its student media program

The Move to One Student Media Board

During the upcoming academic year,  representatives from the BCA and the Board of Publications (BOP), their programs, and their advisors will be meeting to give shape to a new entity — a single student media board.  This media board will oversee  KTUH and UHProductions as well as BOP’s  Ka Leo, the campus newspaper, and Hawaii Review, the campus literary magazine, as well as Ka Leo advertising.

At a BOP strategic planning meeting in January 2012, BOP members and guests from BCA and UHProductions, committed to moving forward to bring student-funded media programs under one board.

What followed this decision was the creation of a Working Group to research the best practices, nationwide, of single media boards.  From this information, the committee developed a list of pros and cons for creating a single board and then formulated recommendations about the feasibility and desirability of having one  board for UHM’s student-funded media programs.

The Working Group consulted internally by presenting recommendations to the BCA and BOP boards and then held an open public forum to share recommendations and gather feedback, particularly from the programs that would be impacted.   The programs’ main concerns were maintaining autonomy of the programs, especially in regard to programming decisions;  keeping separate  the revenue streams for each program; and ensuring the the new board would be fully informed about and supportive of the programs.

At their  final board meetings in Spring 2012, the BOP and the BCA approved the move toward the one media board.

2012-2013 GMs for KTUH and UHP

In April 2012, the BCA screening committee selected general managers for its two programs, KTUH and UHProductions.

KTUH GM Joshua Mandelstam has been a DJ and specialties director for the station for several years.  One of his goals for the station for the upcoming academic year is to increase awareness of the station among UHM students by having KTUH spin and broadcast at campus events.

UHProductions GM Joshua Huaracha (who is willing to be called Josh to help keep things straight) is back for a second term as GM.  Like the other Joshua, his goal for UHP is to expand its outreach to students by running training workshops on using film equipment and through on-campus events .

It looks as if it’s going to be a good year for BCA’s programs and UHM students.