BCA and BOP Chartered Student Organizations Approved to Merge 2014

 I am pleased to announce the the UH Manoa Chancellor has approved the merger of  the Broadcast Communication Authority and the Board of Publications Chartered Student Organizations. As of July 1st we will be known as the Student Media Board!
It has been a long process starting from a suggestion brought up at a strategic planning meeting in 2011. There have been many committed people who have dedicated countless hours seeing this through. It is a monumental day for these two organizations and I am proud to have been apart of this.
This first year will be a transitional learning process.We will be functioning as a single board while our fee structure remains the same; that will be our next project. We will also work on combining our technology efforts. Please keep your eyes open for those updates. Below is the signed memo to the chancellor with its appendices and one without. The appendices show all of the efforts and thought processes behind the merger effort. If you have any questions please feel free to email.
Thank you for your patience.
Alicia DeVoll
BCA Chairperson